The Benefits of Ballroom Dancing for Children are endless. Regular dance practice and training can increase childrens flexibility, range of movement, physical strength and stamina. It also has physical benefits including muscle tone, correct poor posture and increase balance and coordination. The unique style of Ballroom Dancing also promotes working as a team and good communication skills as well as the importance of commitment and discipline

Available Monday's

Commencing 13th July

From $8

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Available Sunday Afternoons

From $15

Whether you are an experienced DanceSport Competitor, enjoy your dancing socially or have just started your dancing journey, The DanceSport Labs Latin Fundamentals Sessions are a fun and informative way to improve your dancing. Topics can range from Musicality, Posture, Action, Movement and Characterisation. The DanceSport Labs Latin Fundamentals Sessions run each Sunday @4pm.

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As important as it is to be able to learn and understand technique as a dancer, it is just as important to be able to use your improving technique to express your feelings to music. The DanceSport Labs Latin Fundamentals in Action Class is perfect to help you practice your new found skills, to music without a partner. Easy basic routines are danced to music in a stamina style session. Designed to help improve technique through repetition and also fitness through the cardio element of the class, The Latin Fundamentals in Action Class is the perfect partner to our Latin Fundamentals class

Available Sunday Afternoons

From $10

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Our once a week Latin Stamina Session provides the opportunity for couples to dance in a simulated competition environment. The 1 hour class covers all 5 Latin Dances multiple times. Whether you are a competitive or social dancer, Stamina Sessions are a vital part of your weekly training regime to ensure you are fit and ready to take the floor.

Available Sundays 

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From $8


Available Daily

First 20 minute wedding dance consultation obligation free and free of charge!

1x 45 minute private lesson

 (up to 4 people)


5 x 45 minute private lessons

(up to 4 people)


10 x 45 minute private lessons

(up to 4 people)

Larger group packages available upon request

Let us help you create your perfect first dance as Man and Wife. Whether you want something simple or extravagant, our experienced dance teachers will help guide you every step of the way. We believe Wedding dances should be something special you share and enjoy not only on the night but during the whole lead up to your big day. We have a package suitable for all types of wedding dances at very competitive rates.


Available Daily

From $35

Whether you are taking your first step on the dance floor or are an aspiring DanceSport competitor, Private lessons provide you the opportunity to have one on one tuition with a fully qualified, experienced teacher. There are a number of options available with 30, 45 and 60 minute lessons. Individualised Personal attention will be given to improve your technique, musicality, choreography and partnering skills. Each lesson will be tailored to suit your need.

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